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Originally Posted by Avik
my point is, I am not satisfied with what we are getting now. we have been closing in on a draw quite often for the last 2-3 years, but not getting it. that shows our immaturity. something has to change. as for Zimbabwe, they took test cricket seriously, while we did not. and they do have a talented team, with proper planning, ensured the win.
If Bangladesh wins the next 10 test matches and than loose 3, we will not be satisfied. It is human nature. No one is satisfied at this moment. But i think there are adjustments to be made on both sides. As players obviously they need to pull up their game and start to work towards winnings the games rather than being happy with "respectful defeats"

Fans all need to hold their expectation a little lower from where it is. Out of nowhere without knowing much about this Zimbabwean team, we all expected a complete sweep. Yes according to our previous matchups, we can expect that, but most of the fans seemed to take it for granted that we will outperform them. We needed to realize that we are a younger test nation, we barely have a coaching staff and even the ones we have joined in weeks time. Our country wasn't suitable for lots of practice due to rainy season and cost for practicing away was also not financially viable (I assume)
One series can be a fluke. It doesnt take away the fact that how much our team has improved in last 2 years. Until last year, we didnt beat England in like 17 matchups. Guess what? Last 4 games between these 2 teams, its tied 2-2! Thats a big improvement.

we need to adjust our expectation. Suddenly out of nowhere we are thinking about innings defeats when not long ago we were happy with respectable defeats. Our players are trying. They could have gone for the draw against Zimbabwe but they went the harder way and failed. It shows that their mindset have somewhat changed.
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