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I kept hearing we are improving over the last decade... My impatient mind sometimes becomes restless these days seeing the same errors on repeat over the years. Could someone calculate approximately how many decades we have to wait till we learn how to draw test matches or win ICC tournaments in any format?

To me the term "improvement" is an intersting one. We have a much stronger team now then we did back in the days of Atahar, Opi, Rokon, Saiful Islam etc. So that basically proves that we have improved over the years. So why aren't we winning now?

In my opinion to think that if we continue to improve we will one day be successfull and start WINNING games is a very simplistic assumption. It is simplistic because it doesn't take into the account the possibility of other teams improving at a faster rate than us. If all other team [case in point: zimbabwe] starts improving at a greater rate also then it is very likely, given our current improvement rate, that we will never win any games consistently even though we might have a much stronger team than the current team, 10 years from now.
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