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The batting attack has always been a problem and it will remain so for a long time.
@ rinathq: Your post is absolutely fine and I have same feelings. I think most of the fans do share the concern.

But that very word 'Batting Attack" is the root cause of damaging our attitude in the test cricket. We expected them as Fans/Admins to attack with bat and players also tried the same. Unfortunately if we would have tried to learn defence with the bat first and perform well through a defensive mindset for last 10+ years, that would have established us in test cricket by now.

We wanted to skip that step.... but that's the first step... In fact we tried and are trying to learn to run before learning to walk, that has been our main problem. And I'm equally guilty of that attitude to some extent, like majority of the fans.

JO, Rajin, Rok type of players were always dumped for playing slow... but those were the kind of attitude we needed to succeed in test and we should have continued with them to inspire youngstars to follow them. That attitude with a better skill of being able to do it repeatedly, was the kind of players we needed. But we discouraged the youngstars by removing them. and replaced them with ODI/T20 type batsmen & expected them to play well in test cricket.

Have a look at the indian team of pre 70s/pre 80s... almost every player was like JO/RS, but with better consistancy ... then the next generation learnt to attack along with that patient attutude. They didn't try to produce shehwag before producing a Gavaskar/Veng.

So, its not only the young players who are at fault...they tend to do things the way their environment demands. We demanded/encouraged/forced them to attack with bats instead of encouraging them to defend with a bat. Yes, attack is the best form of defense, but you have to first learn orthodox defence for having a solid knowledge & ability to defend. Or the armies would stop teaching/learning defence & started to teach only offense/attack as the best form of defence.

And we talk about having a culture of cricket to survive in test cricket, from where it will come? Aren't we the fans/board etc an integral part of building that culture? We think that the players alone should build that culture while we keep expecting the wrong things and display wrong attitude as fans and administrators.

Lets get our expectations right as fans first, before pointing fingers at the players. They will obviously follow the trend to get into the national team. If only attacking can get them into the team, then they will all try to do that, isn't it?
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