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Originally Posted by BANFAN
JO, Rajin, Rok type of players were always dumped for playing slow... but those were the kind of attitude we needed to succeed in test and we should have continued with them to inspire youngstars to follow them. That attitude with a better skill of being able to do it repeatedly, was the kind of players we needed. But we discouraged the youngstars by removing them. and replaced them with ODI/T20 type batsmen & expected them to play well in test cricket.
I do not think JO, Rajin, Rok were dumped for being slow. Team management knew their role and we, fans knew it too. Yes many of us fans may have been annoyed with their batting approach but our voices do not decide who gets picked or who doesn't... its their own performance that has lead to their downfall.

My memory is already fuzzy about the first two so lets look at Rok as an example. He was in charge of playing cautiously and hold the innings together and play a big innings. The expectation from him was not to attack but to play for long periods. With the numurous chances he got, all he eventually ended up doing was to eat up a lot of deliveries...kill any momentum created by Tamim while getting out for a low score. Our batting situation is so bad if Roqibul had been even remotely consistent he would have survived. I mean look at the competition he has!... Junaid and Ashraful and Nafees! These are not the type of performers one would lose sleep over. It was Rok's disastrous ODI series against NZ, WC that sealed his fate for him.
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