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Rocks mindset is good for tests. He can bat for long periods of time which you need for test cricket but he's really got a long ways to go as an international class batsman. With that sort of technique, he's just gonna continue to be a batsman that will score 30-40 runs and then get outplayed and get out. Even though he's known as the Rock for batting stable, he has trouble even defending decent deliveries that attack his stumps, which should be his strong suit since he's a defensive style batsman. It does help though that we still lack decent batsmen and so Rock will not be ruled out for a while until we get better batsmen.

I do think that we should develop him for tests. We still lack players that have solid temperament and are willing to stick it out. I feel that developing guys like Mushy and Rock for tests could reap rewards for us in the longest format. And while he's had a poor start to his test career, its still not enough tests to really rule him out for good. Remember that he played a very crucial innings with Shakib to get us home in the 2nd test. He negotiated Roach really well despite others struggling in that match. So it shows he's got something there but he's gotta really polish his batting up so he can be more consistent. I don't really see him offering much for ODIs since Mushy is very similar. But for tests, he should stay in my opinion.

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