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I have seen BD play under Akram, Nannu, Atahar, Shumon, etc. Aside from Pilot's brief stint as skipper, never have I seen the team go through so much drama as under Sakib and Tamim.

I still think Sakib is a future leader. I still think Tamim's flamboyance both on and off the field can be harnessed for the good of BD cricket. But these two lack the maturity at this stage (which beggars the question, who does then?)

Mushy will probably be the next skipper. If you think about it, he has the best credentials to be our skipper, much better than Sakib's credentials.

And those who think captaincy was 'thrusted' upon sakib, it appeared a forced issue ONLY because Sakib made such a big deal about his 'tenure' or not having a 'say' about selection. For a kid who has many many miles to go to before becoming anything close to a world class cricketer, or even in the same stature as Pilot or Shumon, he should have just said thank you, I will do my best and shut up. The seeds of drama were right there; we just chose to ignore it.
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