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I don't think BCB would have made this decision if their back wasn't against the wall with these two guys...
look at the chain of events:
-Shakib attacking Mashrafi and his fitness
-Shakib wanting Naeem and Roqibul who go on to play WC and flops
-Shakib attacking ex players in an article
-Shakib attacking akram khan for not consulting zimbabwe squad
-Reports of grouping within the team in the media
-Shakib being absent for commercial shooting during team practice
-Shakib not bowling during the first test and allowing partnerships to build
-Tamim making comments on Vitori
-Tamim arguing with Law
-Shakib saying he will play Champions league without taking NOC

I am sure there are more stories like this... most might be sensationalized by the media but some unfortunately could be true about these two best players of our squad

all these things are just signs of player power which has been on the rise since siddons era...
BCB has repeatedly warned these guys before but i guess in the end T & S felt they were bigger than the game

its simply a sad day for our cricket
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