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this is pure BS. the board n selectors are no one to judge if they are bhodro or not. we had the best players in the country who had the swagger n confidence to go flaunt it with their ability n they get shot down cos it dosnt go down with the older generation. man these fat corrupt people can go to hell n rot. they are in position to know better than our best players. if u dnt have a good relation, take it else where, but dnt preach this "bhodro" behavior ****. cos these days u need the swagger to be heard n be counted. we had 2 with those traits...but naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bhodro bhabe khelte hobeh nele boro ra rag korbeeeeeeeeeeeeee. all these bcb assholes can go die in a hole n rot. ruining our 2 gems.

n wtf is this bad behavior?!?!?!?!? they dnt drink, no fixing, no trouble no bans no nothing but its not good enuf?!?!?!!?!? wwtf do they want??????????? kiss their feet?!!??!?!?!
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