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Originally Posted by FaHiMa
I wish I had the patience to finish a book The only things I read are the readings assigned by my profs.

Are there any ways I can become a reader like everyone here? Any strategies? anything will do! Someone wanna recommend a good book that will keep my attention?

OHOH please no twilight/vampire stuff...its not my thing.
I am at the same boat sister. When I was a kid reading was FUN. Now it became chore and school assignment. Also, just because of sheer amount of books and online information overload it's hard to choose a good book and spend hours on it instead of just spending glued online and browsing pdfs.

Depends if you want to read for pleasure or to glean information. For latter, sit with feet grounded not on toes. Get a red bull or if you are underage vodka or jaeger. Then read fast. Of course this is rather vague but as the 'speedreaders' recommend, don't reread. Your brain is lot smarter than the respect you give it.

Another "trick" is not to get 'too attached'. If you have several copies of old book take a book and tear a page and read it quickly and throw it away in waste basket.

In short, it all depends whether what is your goal. As one guy mentioned once, you can't fly a Boeing 747 to your local supermarket. It's not worth it. So if you want idyllic time just read at your own pace.
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