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Default good compilation.

These definitions of Chinaman 'variations' arre somewhat mixed up.

Chinaman ( SLC ) = Left Handed legspin or wrist spin. The Stock ball moves from left to right. 'Chinaman googly' is a variation of that.

When the SLC bowler bowls a wrong'un ( moves from bowlers right to left ) its called the 'Chinaman Googly'. To Explain the difference, think of this - any left-hander who bowls his legspin/wristspin ( ( from his lfet to right ) is a Chinaman Bowler. If he bowls a wrong'un (right to left) that is considered the 'Chinaman Googly'.

Famous Chinaman Bowlers :
Brad Hogg
Michael Bevan
Paul Adams
Garfield Sobers

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