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Originally Posted by Banglatiger84
These are all noble and idealistic beliefs: but in the world of real politics, if we do start facing attacks from Maoists , who might as well have the sympathies of a bigger kid than India, would it be worth it ?
Would any Indian transit vehicles be passive like NATO Tankers in Pakistan, or will they claim the right to have armed "guards" who will claim the authority to do what they want?

As you might notice i am asking more questions than making blanket predictions....
How you are so sure that the big kid gives a damn about that? They are busy becoming another capitalist county right now.

So you say we give up our dignity and start fearing each and every small terrorist groups and compromise our decision to they don't get mad?

Life is not 100% risk free, and its better to stand against possible threat and risk attack then living a spineless miserable life worrying about not to annoy Maoists.

We should sign/not sign agreement based on solely if its good for us or not. For example if its good for us and not good for Maoists, why should care about Maoists ? What they have done for us, besides making our land their battleground?
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