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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Yes, I have to admit that BAL did very well here. Far far better than what I expected of them. Whatever the reason, whoever the was a job well done. I expected to wake up to see Bangladesh being a de facto 29th state of India. Surprised and pleased to see it wasn't the case.

But I hope the transit deal never gets signed...unless we are assured of no ill effect, financial or security.
Who will assure us and why should we believe the party in question on that? We have to weigh out risks and benefits and make our decision.

And actually what risk do we anticipate? Dropping guns? Agents? Or dorpping Harmful objects inside BD? I'm not really clear about the threat. I don't see any extra threat what they can't do now, that they can do through transit?

IMO, Transit should be viewed completely from an economic point of view, no point assuming fictitious threats. If Europe could amidst all the differences, why can't we? If GCC can why can't we? If Africa can why can't we? .... In fact a country surrounded on three sides by another with a potential of a billion consumers, we are really missuing out on such a huge market that could be so easily accessible. But we should make the deals on equal and mutual benefit basis and come out of inferiority complexes. We should't hesitate to take tit for tat actions to keep India tied to their agreements.

If some people are scared of Indian military power, they must know that India doesn't afford to have another troubled border on the East, nor they have that capacity. So to position ourselves on a equal platform, we shouldn't be only asking for thing, we should also be ready to give. And whatever you give can form very strong burgaining tools in the long term. And nothing is unconditional in this world except true love, which is a rare commodity these days....

So I think we should proceed with the transit without doubt, and BAL should publish the draft so that they can incorporate reasonable concerns from the people and experts, to make the best possible deal.
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