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Default who are the most suffering cricket fans in the world?

bd fans were in the top of the table in terms of the most disheartend fans in the world just before bd-zims series. now they have been replaced by zimbabwe. for the last few months i have been surfing different cricket forums, chatline and website in order to find out this stats.
during WI-BD series last year i heard a WI fan took their cricket board in the court to sue because of heartache they had due to poor performance by WI cricket team.
last year one of my friend also suffered heart palpitation when pak won by 1 wicket in the test.
after a good observation in terms of fan's feelings, frustrations, complaints and joy, this is my verdict:
the table :from most suffering fans to least
1. Zimbabwe
2. West Indies
3. Bangladesh
4. Pakistan
5. India
6. South Africa
7. NewZealand
8. Srilanka
9. England

what do you think?
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