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I don't feel people are being hypocritical. I just think they don't understand cricket. Add to this the flippant emotional immaturity of most BD fans and you have what you have.

The facts are there have been some awkward moments off the field under Sakib and some very large disappointments on it. His leadership style seemed to be "I am a good player, I am doing well and no blame lies with me if we lose as captain", when most captains say almost the exact opposite.

Additionally, Sakib's own game has floundered recently, most people acknowledge his poor training attitude and the fact he sets a less than professional example in this respect. Being captain isn't so much about what you say, but about what you actually DO.

BD fans tend to love Sakib because he is the 'hero' of the team. He carries the flag for BD when he plays overseas and when he is in the list of top ranked all rounders. From Sakib's viewpoint he loves the limelight and the money (and that's fine) and all he really cares about is how well he does personally. Even in some lost matches as captain he says in press conferences 'I bowled well".. or "I batted well".. yet you would never hear another country's captain say that.

All of this leaves a divide for fans who want to love the 'hero' yet see a person who perhaps isn't a very good leader of men. Some find it 'disloyal' to criticise the 'hero' but when his failings as captain are pointed out, they realise them. It means people sometimes struggle with all of that.

The problem for Sakib is he doesn't really seem to understand what a captain should do and how he should behave. He seems too close to certain members of the squad. Neither thing helps.

Posters here have some romantic kind of relationship with their 'Bollywood' style hero that is Sakib. To some he can do no wrong and will blame everyone and everything else for his failings. Sid Vision did the same.