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Originally Posted by bharat
Fear-mongering at its best ! I am quiet happy to see that none of the other posters (other than al Furqaan) see the existential threat .

Started out trying to quote and rebuke 'al Furqaan's exasperated arguments , but soon realized that all his arguments are intended to fuel a specific purpose and did not warrant a response .

India's relation with BD is not as rosy as India-Nepal but again its not as extreme as India-Pak. If we kept out insane voices (on both sides) out of the equation there is no reason for optimism . The big questions is who will shut these fear-mongers ?
depends on how you define existential...according to the extreme Bangladesh is already a de facto 29th Indian state...there are probably elements of truth to that.

because of their size and power, it is impossible for Bangladesh to get a totally "fair" deal from India as regards to most anything. we have to accept that. but there is a giant chasm between slight imbalance and a total rip off.

put it this way.

why would the Indian gov consider giving us a soft loan with low interest rate to build whatever we wanted? low interest means it doesn't make much business sense...unless the string attached to that favour is very long.

now i might be wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if half of the projects undertaken with that money is used directly at New Delhi's behest.

the funny thing with some of pro-India posters on BC is this argument right here "India is acting very generously with BD...hey, don't criticize us for looking out for our interests; its what all stats do!"

so which is it, more for self interest or generosity?
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