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Maddog.. I am not biased against Shakib. He is world class player and the best cricketer BD has ever produced. I simply feel he is not a good captain and leader of men that's all. Build a bridge and get over it.

I have seen many of your posts, accusing people as 'Shakib Haters' if they dare to question anything he does. if people don't agree with your views that Shakib can do no wrong, you are very aggressive.

I am not here to go back over the last 12 months and trawl all the reports about Shakib to justify my opinion by the way. Instead you can show me the newspaper reports where it says Shakib is a great captain as you seem to blindly believe. You are not Jamie Siddons in disguise are you????????

I repeat, Shakib for me every day of the week as a player. As a captain, sorry no. Poor leader, has favourites (and dislikes), cannot control himself with the media, will not accept responsibility, doesn't like to train - any one of these is unacceptable as a national captain.

Sorry buddy but Shakib as captain As a player 100%