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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
I had to butt in.

Poor leader? What more he needs to do than leading by example? Name one leader we have/had who is better? He may have deficiency in man-management but poor leader? 22-24 year old, your expectation is like Kapil/waugh/Imran at their prime. Were they better than Shakib at that age? A non-performing person can not be a leader, period. At least he performs and leads. All the captains previously got kicked out because they didn't deserve to be in the team in the first place. Performance first for this minnow team always. Finally LAW said enough about his leadership skills in the locker room. Media and fans like you don't see that.

Favorites (and dislikes): As human even you have that. As the team leader he has to put faith on those who he can trust in game situation. He does not believe in jodi laigga jai players, or eid players. He has brains. Twice or more than you when you were at his age.

Does not accept responsibility: Are you kidding me? In BD contest, tell me one person's name who took responsibility when the chips are down? Board, selectors, top order, coaches any one? At least he had the guts to say what needed to be said after the loss against Zim at home.

Media is wrong always. They still think Mash is going to tear apart opponent once he is fit, Ash is the Jesus 2nd coming. Smell the roses. Those are not happening.

Shakib is the only leader for this team to move forward. Without him we are at par with Afganistan.
Being a great player isn't the prerequisite for a good captain. Being a great man manager is. You are confusing playing well with being a leader.

Just because Shakib is no worse than anyone else BD has had is hardly an endorsement of his leadership skills.

You admit he doesn't taken responsibility, you admit he is deficient on man-management. Those are THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT traits for any captain. This is what made Ponting, Waugh, Strauss, and others such GREAT captains.

Leading from the front (as he should if he is ranked number one in the world) doesn't make him a good captain, just a great player. I am agreeing with all the things Shakib does as a player, but he lacks the international skill qualities to be a good captain, as I mentioned in my posting.

Mushy will be a very fine captain as he comes across as having better captaincy qualities. Time will tell if it is him and whether he can stablise the team, because someone needs to.