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Originally Posted by LBW103
Zman... a captain shouldn't get involved with the politics. So I hope if it IS Mushy he will concentrate on leading the team, setting a tough example in training, being even handed, not doing or saying anything controversial off the field and just getting on with winning matches.

Whatever others do or say, it is the captain's job to run the team and a tight ship. He has to be humble and well as a leader. Working with the head coach is vital.

Let's stop using the BCB as an excuse for the on field failings. Let them do what they need to do off the field and let's have the players do what they need to do on the field.
Only if it were that simple! it may be an option elsewhere but in our country it's simply not possible. If it weren't the case Mushi wouldn't have been sacked from Vice Captaincy once already for the very same reason as Shakib/Tamim--Attitude Problem, and still be considered the only viable option for Captaincy. In other words, why is Mushi being considered for Captaincy when he's clearly demonstrated in the past that he suffers from the same disease! The only other way to keep these BCB cronies happy is by losing one's manhood and becoming the quintessential "Yes Man" as someone has already articulated in one of the recent articles.
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