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Originally Posted by tiger_2007
I was always for Shakib and will be until his performance on the field goes down the hill. I prefer to have a captain having attitude to fight till the end of the game irrespective of the opponents and be courageous enough to speak of his mind. That's why Saurav Ganguly, Steve Waugh and Imran Khan were successful during their time.

The CEOs of all big companies (e.g., Steve Jobs from Apple, Bill Gates from Microsoft or Larry Ellison from Oracle) are/were always arrogant but are/were focused on their plan. Sometimes they are/were ruthless but investors are happy to have them lead their respective company.

Shakib had a vision for our cricket and that's why he demanded for a long time commitment from the board. He had issues and attitudes which might NOT be liked. But, who cares? You are NOT planning to have him your relatives, right? As long as he performs well and lead the team from the front, eager to minimize his own personal issues, I don't have any problem. Well, some of those idiots in BCB are pure morons, expect more from him, I guess. Also, he might have upset some of those directors who are linked to Abahoni, consequently, he is forced to let go. The same is true for Tamim Iqbal as he irked so many Abahoni officials in the recent past.

I am happy to see responses from both Shakib and Tamim as they seem to understand the internal politics within BCB which they can’t control. I hope that they play positive and prove to the world that they are jewels to our team. If they do so, they will remain captain and vice-captain in the heart of millions of BD fans across the globe.

Excellent point! they do appear a bit arrogant and ruthless at times--it's something that accompanies the insatiable hunger for success and the high standards they set for themselves and their companies. They all share strong personalities and don't hesitate to challenge those around them. They frequently get into screaming contests and fights with their employees and the ones who don't shy away from the challenge, are willing to put everything on the line, stand their ground and scream back, are the ones that get handpicked for future leadership roles. They do not look to surround themselves with Yes Men who'll try to appease them frequently by putting lipstick on a pig.
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