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Originally Posted by ahnaf
that doesnt make sense at all.. Cricket isnot about only talent..
Morgan just sucks at T20 just like Shakib as a batsman.. Check his performance in ipl of last two year..
OR Do you want to tell Shakib is not much talented as Morgan as a batsman??
Shakib is miles ahead of Morgan if he just remain cool...
And dont tell me shakib
werent lethal with ball.. He has much better stats than those two...
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i do think Morgan is a better batsmen than Shakib esp. in T20's. yes he has had two dismal IPL seasons, but so did Brett Lee. look at his IPL avg, horrendous for a player in T20 but yet he starts every match. KKR expects Shakib to perform both with the bat and the ball when he's selected, but hasn't delivered with the bat. i admit, he's hardly batted or comes too lower down the order, but circumstances are such at KKR that he wont get to bat in the top order. and someone lower down the order is expected to slog and clear the ropes when he comes in, and Shakib can't do that, that's when you go for RTD or Morgan(though he opened in a few matches)

yes Shakib is early in his t20 career but he needs to sort his batting out if he's to be a lethal player in t20.
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