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Originally Posted by Navo
In my original post I did mention that the Palestinian territory was disputed but the point being is a) the construction of a wall is a hostile gesture and b) is unlikely to be effective in achieving its purpose. You'll notice how the trade of narcotics and illegal immigration continues to be a problem at the US-Mexico Border and the construction of a wall has only made smugglers/traffickers more devious. It's also unsurprising that now, the area near the border, Northern Mexico, has become the most dangerous place in the country with considerable gang/drug cartel crime. (Ref: Instead of being a long term solution to these issues, this stop-gap measure only serves to appease right wing political elements concerned about 'filthy immigrants taking our jobs'.

I believe the repercussions of the India-Bangladesh wall will be similar. I'm certain the illegal products - "fencidyle, drugs, weapons, contaminated food" and trafficked humans will continue to be transported across the large border but the process will just become a bit more complicated. It does lip-service to the concerns of the BJP but sours Indo-Bangladesh relations.

Cooperation and innovative solutions implemented through a joint effort is what is required to tackle the issues you mention. Just building a wall will not go to the root of the problem, much less erase it.
Yes, along side temporary measure, you need political measures to make a long term & sustainable solution to the problem. No long term measure will be effective without such temporary measures. "Chor na shune dhormer Kahini" they need physical deterence.

But the direct comparison, between US-Mexico & Ind-Bd is wrong in its premise. One is a land of Migration and offers much better opportunities to the migrators, while the other (India) will never become a land of migration & Offer no extra opportunity for the skilled work force. They have enough of them. It's still a beggar's migration, who has nothing to lose.

According to current rate of poverty alliviation (UN MDG Report), BD will get rid of poverty much earlier than India, due to its shere size and number. So, there is hardly any humanitarian issue/cause developing accross our border soon, neither we have Mexico style strong armed Mafia groups to resist the efforts of the governments.

yes, some miscreants will still continue to do petty criminal activities for petty gains, but I dont see any hue and cry happening from such illegal groups. This is a political issue in BD while it's a public issue in mexico.

India/China will never become a place of opportunity through migration, not in this century at least. More than one Bangladesh is bellow the poverty line in India. So I dont see any scope of public hue and cry on our side for not being able to work illegally india. It's only a harmless anti indian rhetoric of BNP for the black marketeers' interest. I'm more than happy that India is building the fence and at their cost. We will benefit the most from this fence. We want legal trade on both sides, that's the opportunity a developed India can offer us.
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