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agree that its us-The Bagladeshis but the West Indians are not far behind. If you talk to their older fans (age 40+) you can feel the pain they are going thru. They were the undisputed cjamps now dwelling on or near the bottom.
It has been long time that they were beaten by Kenya. So their pain is somewhat 'content' now. Its been nearly a decade that the West Indian fans faced their 'ultimate' shock. And by the time they lost to Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe recently, Zimbabwe were exactly not a 'minnow' team.

I would say that the people of 40 pluses find it very painful because of their glorious past in the '70s and '80s rather than their actual strength of their team.

So we are the most painful sufferers as cricket fans because we don't have such glorious pasts. In a way, that is not as painful as them, but 'we are under threat of being constantly getting the nod to play in a 2nd tier' whereas West Indians don't have to go through this pain.

On every occassion, whenever we beat somebody, like India for example last December, everybody here knows what we had to go through; for example - it was a wrong selection policy by the Indians rather than a 'deserved success' for us. When we were competitive against Pakistan during 2003, it was 'we played against a Pakistan B team' than it was a matha uchu kore daranor dike egiye jawa against a full strength Pakistan side.
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