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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
no, i meant Balochistan. Balochis feel very neglected and disenfranchised by the powers that be in Islamabad...quite similar to how Bengalis in East Pakistan felt. Difference is that Balochis don't have the power or numbers that we Bengalis had and thus the status quo remains.
Balochistan's problem is that, they dont have a "Mujib" to lead them. In fact their situation is worse than what we had pre 71. Resource wise, they are much more deprived than we were. baluchistan is the provider of 90% Gas and 70% electricity, Coal, Minerals, etc etc for entire Pakistan.

Interesting that Punjab enjoys most of their gas & ellectricity from Baluchistan, but in crisis period stops supply of food stuff to all other provinces including Balochistan to meet their internal needs, thus forcing a price hike but Baloch cant stop their supplies, due to heavy presence of Military. They are virtually ruled by Punjab.
I'm with Shahbag for fair punishment of all war criminals. Im with Shahbag to stand for fair trials of all Corruption, all murders and social injustices occurred over last 40 years. I'm for a secular, corruption free & Just society in Bangladesh. Spirit of '71
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