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Default BD vs WI series Oct 2011: USEFUL TIPS FOR BUYING TICKETS

hi everybody. the BD vs WI series is not so far. only two weeks left. lots of you may have started planning to go to the stadium to watch ur favorite players. But for that u need to buy tickets unless u get complimentary tickets from somewhere else.

well lots of us have gone to stadium several times before but there will be somebody new who may be going to the stadium for the first time. for everybody i am going to give some useful advice as lots of us faced some trouble as Grameen Phone forced us to use their MobiCash service to buy tickets.

And as again this time GrameenPhone has been given the responsibility to sell tickets so we have to assume that they will again force us to buy tickets with the Mobicash system. so i will try to make all of u familiar with what we need to do to buy tickets easily with the Mobicash service of grameenphone. first of all i want to remind there are three ways to avoid MOBICASH ticketing

I) buy tickets in the match day morning in long lines or black market.
II) if u have known ppl in GP phone centre, then cpontact with them.
III) collect supplementary tickets from which BCB gives to sponsors and stakeholders

1. Get a Grameen Phone sim: unfortunately u must have a grameenphone connection to buy tickets. u cant buy cricket tickets with mobile phones of other operators. so grab a grameenphone sim, or if u have an unused sim activate it. if u already have one grameenphone then lets proceed.

2. register with MOBICASH: now that u have got ur grameenphone, its time to register with the MOBICASH service. MOBICASH service is a service offered by grameenphone with which u can buy train tickets and cricket tickets easily.

Type TKET from your GP mobile phone and send to 1200. In the reply SMS, you will get your PIN and other instructions. Change the PIN (dial *777*4* default PIN*New PIN of 4 digit*New PIN of 4 digit# from your mobile). Those who are already paying utility bills through BillPay service from their mobiles, need not do this registration process.

for more on MOBICASH or BillPay service visit

3. Plan ur tickets: now you have got registerd to MOBICASH plan start planning whicg games you want to go and keep ur eyes on when the tickets will be out for buying. the prices of tickets have already been published. plan which games u will be going, how many tickets u need and of which type. get ur money ready.

4. Purchasing Tickets: now there are two methods to buy tickets.

i) book e-ticket > pay > buy e-ticket > collect ticket: first you need to book ur ticket by dialling *131*4*1# and follow the instructions. u will need to enter info about the ticket, no of ticket, category of ticket etc etc and after several steps u will get a sms with booking code and amount of taka. then within 1 hour you need to got to a GP customar care centre or BILLPAY BOOTH and pay the amount of taka in ur MOBICASH account. this time dial *131*4*2 and complete buying the e-ticket with the booking code you recieved earlier. you will also have to enter ur collection point. if successful with the steps, you will finally receive ur e-ticket. now go to ur collection within deadline and collect ur paper ticket showing the e-ticket.

ii) pre-pay> buy ticket> get ticket > in this method u can directly buy without booking. first prepay the amount of taka u may need to buy in ur MOBICASH ACCOUNT from a GP customer centre or BILLPAY BOOTH. then dial *131*4*3 and follow the instructions. u will need to enter info about the ticket, no of ticket, category of ticket, collection point etc etc and after several steps if successfull u will get an sms with ur e-ticket. now go to ur collection point and collect ur e-ticket showing the paper ticket.

NOW CONFUSED ABOUT WHICH METHOD TO FOLLOW ???? book first, pay and buy or pay first and then Buy ???? i suggest the later one. there are several reasons. if u book first and then buy you will need to run the USSD codes twice. and it will cost u more. and normally u will have some trouble completing the USSD's. so you will findout ur normal balance is decreasing in this method. and as u r running USSD codes twice you may face twice the trouble. then u will have a timebound of paying within 1 hour of purchasing. GP will suggest you to follow this method so that GP can earn more.

but if u pay first u need to run the USSD codes only once and thus less cost and less trouble. remember, even if u have noy bought tickets u can later use the mone for tickets of other games, train tickets or pay utilty bills.

SO these are my suggestions (perhaps the easiest way)

1. plan how many tickets u want to buy and determine how much it would cost. then load ur MOBICASH account. avoid busy GP centres and specially centres where tickets are sold. because there you will see long line for collecting tickets or even refilling Mobicash accounts. i avoid mirpur 1 and mirpur 10 GPC and load my MOBICASH from a billpay booth in mirpur 1 market. also u can recharge ur mobicash even now as GP centres will be less busy now. if u wish you can load ur money for all the games and you can do it today if u wish.

2. then buy ur tickets directly. i strongly recommend u avoid using a SMARTPHONE while uying ur ticket using USSD code. because in Smartphones i have seen the USSD codes not responding after some steps and specially in the step when it check whether ticket is available and then notifies the amount of money. then u have to restart ur phone to continue again. so i STRONGLY SUGGEST u use a basic nokia set for this purpose. otherwise u may get stuck for a long time running USSD again and again.

3. then if everything is successful then get collect ur tickets.

4. come to BC and share ur experience of buying the tickets. tell us which tickets u have bought and see if somebody else is going to the same sand or not. enjoy the game and post ur experience of game in BC
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