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Old February 16, 2005, 11:56 AM
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I know many of us have a lot of fond emotions associated with Dhaka stadium & cricket.

But unfortunately because of the persistant intrusion to accommodate football and other stuff, and considering our lofty ambitions around cricket, cricket would only have been hurt in the long run.

Yes, BCB could have won the mandate today to have cricket played at the Dhaka stadium only, but that would only have been a battle won. Not a war. Each and every year, someone from the BFF, the football teams would have caused unnecessary debate over this same issue.

The progress of Bangladesh cricket simply has no time to be distracted by such issues.

My only fear is that after the BCB makes SBangla stadium into the "Lord" of BD or whatever, the footballers will want to come back to Mirpur. But maybe not, hopefully.
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