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Originally Posted by 22Yards
Does that make a difference ? some days it will be Kayes doing what Naeem did. If not then we have ashraful, rockibul or [insert a name]. I mean not trying to defend Naeem but seriously in every chase i see one or two innings like this that literally costs us the game. To them they probably view it as "keeping wickets on the other end so that they can hit their way out towards the end" BUT most of the time this brings opposite result. WE LITERALLY DONT have the likes of pollard, white, Pathan in the team to "hit our way out". The batsmen coming in lower down the order are NOT powerplay experts, they DO NOT posses special physical advantage or are great cameo stroke makers.Top order needs to realize this and refrain from playing such pathetic innings.
look at the way the WI started... they were also super slow at the begining... but they got SET and started scoring much faster and made up for the initial dot balls... did either Kayes or Naeem ever look like they got set? the answer is a big no... after playing out half the overs in the entire game he still looked new at the crease
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