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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
Nayeem sucked today. What the hell dude? He didn't even attempt to find the gaps. I think today we got a much better picture of how much Kayes has improved since coming into the national team.

I applaud the team management effort for trying something different. That shows they are thinking outside the box, which is good. Although the plan may have back fired today, but it's good that they are not sticking to same script over and over again. Hopefully our management will learn from their mistake and in the future think of better moves.
What is disappointing is the management has spent 3 months observing and come up with this? It isn't that they tried something new or not, it's the fact that they thought Naeem would work. That is a gross miscalculation and assessment.

That worries me far more than anything. Is that a serious solution to the lack of batting talent?

Just re-arranging the chairs on a sinking ship is not the answer is it?

I don't applaud this at all. I am rather disappointed that over the last 3 months it's clear that no coaching of the batting issues has taken place. It seems like management is trying to find an answer without coaching. And before anyone says who knows the management isn't coaching, they cant be if 3 months of their coaching gives us the same dreadful batting. Either that or the coaching is just s***.

Whichever is true is is a reflection on management. They appear to be sidestepping issues for not coaching or poor coaching already.
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