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my 2nd odi squad

tamim (how can bd play without him?)
nasir (yep thats rite nasir as a opener.he and tamim can give us a flying start)
mushfiq (nothing to say but good luck captain)
ash (he better play well if he wants to be in the team but i think he is playing kind of better now)
shakib ( amader jaan and amader praan )
kapali ( last chance for him and i took him mainly because he is a leggie)
Naeem or shuvogoto (either one of them will be fine)
razzak or elias ( we need a spinner and either one of them will be ok but i say elias cauz razzak not doin too well)
rubel (beacuse he is aggressive and has pace duh!!!)
nazmul (yes please selectors plz giv safi boy a break)
shurawardi shuvo (yep one more spinner)

good luck bangladesh korbo lorbo jitbore!
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