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Originally Posted by zinatf
I always liked him. A very good innings (50) today. He saved BD from collapsing after Mushy left. Otherwise, the total would have been 160 all out!! Anyways, this tiger is here to say. He needs to go up and bat at position 6, while Shakib and Mushy should bat at 3 and 4. Bring Hom for the last ODI. Kapali's done and dusted. It's time for us to keep him in the Hall of Fame and move on. As of Sir Ash, no comments!!

I've been saying for a while now we need to stop the merry-go-round of swapping Ash, Nafees,and Junaid for the number 3 position, they're all as bad as each other. Promote Shakib to 3, have Mushy at 4, Riyad when fit again at 5 and then Nasir at 6. That's a pretty decent looking middle-order. Nafees can fight for a openers place with Imrul and Tamim (Tamim needs to fix his attitude/ego problem and needs to get the message that he is not bigger than the team).
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