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Originally Posted by Equinox
Spurs have the best midfield in the league along with City. Bale, Van der Vaart, Modric and Parker. That's three world class players and another very good midfielder. They have secured Adebayor for the season and Defoe is in good form. Their defence is a bit shaky but otherwise I think they have a good team overall. But you never know. It was more of a guess than a well thought-out prediction.
The constant over-rating of the Spurs midfield is astonishing to me. Gareth Bale is THE most over-rated player in the PL. He didn't deserve the award he received last season, and his stats prove that.

Van der Vaart is a very good player, but one who is lazy and ill disciplined, and has poor fitness - see how he's been subbed with around 20 minutes left the last few matches? And it happened quite a lot last season too....You can't be one of the best players, if your own manager thinks you are a liability and has to sub you out for tactical reasons every other match.

Modric - I'll give you, class player, which is why Chelsea tried repeatedly to sign him

Parker - Again, didn't deserve the award he received last season, his freaking team got relegated ffs...why do you think he's spent most of his career at small clubs? Had one stint at Chelsea, but didn't possess the requisite class, and was left on the bench, before leaving.

In short no.

As for who has the best midfield in the PL - I hate Man City, and hope they go back to being the nothing club that they are...but

Clearly a midfield of

Nasri ---- Silva -----De Jong/YaYa Toure------ Adam Johnson

is better than anything Spurs have on offer.
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