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Originally Posted by LBW103
Just read the article and I laughed in a couple of places "Bangladesh hit a brick wall. Literally." They LITERALLY hit a brick wall? Very silly.

The article is somewhat missing the point in many ways. the first of which is that the 'escape' as it is called happened when there was nothing left in the series to play for. It had already been lost 2-0. So the win is similar to making a sturdy, locking gate after the horse has run off.

The main thing though was that the Chittagong pitch turned almost square and in two ODIs now, due entirely to that fact, Zimbabwe made 44 and West Indies now 61. This proves that there are no pitches like this anywhere else in the world when it gets wet.

The West Indies are of course without both Gayle and Chanderpaul, their two world class players and the two most likely to be able to bat on such a pitch.

I am all for writing 'triumphalist' articles stating 'amazing' results against all odds, but this wasn't really one of them. West Indies were overwhelmed by a massive spin friendly pitch made worse by weather conditions that were out of everyone's control. Had we batted first instead of West indies a different result might have been the outcome.

Let's repeat the win in the Test Series and let's have a triumphant report in the press.
Thanks for the feedback. Actually it was more on the play of words (first version was a bit different) about 'hitting a brick wall' 'ton of bricks' 'ton by Lendl Simmons which was the proverbial wall'. I get certain license for creative expression, no?

As for the rest of the post, that is quite a different issue altogether which hearkens back some other agendas of yours in other threads.

And if we don't celebrate triumphant results in a fanbased site, who will?
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