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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Reread the whole thing. Wonderful and even better second time around. Sharing mine would be a drag cause most of the time it would not have Bangladesh in it. (They weren't good enough in the 70s and 80s; who wants to know that we lost to MCC and Papua New Guinea - and Football ruled supreme.)

When did Pilot hit the six? Didn't find it there. I was revisiting BD during '96 crazy time. You were the people who threw "rong"? Or was it "asdfjkl"? Need to be punished for those crimes with roshgolla and chomchom. I remember there were no white cars in Dhaka the next day. All pink, and other colors. Only the ones didn't go out in the streets were spared.

The victory over Kenya was over the top. I remember of lisening through the car radio.
naaah, our car was not spared, but i saw people throwing colors on the scotland beating day, as i was on my way to appear in pre test at college.

Right after the world cup, there was this inner urge in me, like a curing to read about the bangladesh cricket, and there was only two - cricinfo and this one.

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