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Originally Posted by Fazal
What chance we really had to day?

Naeem, who is not a regular in our national team, is trying his best to survive knowing that Nasir is far ahead of him and Ryiad, VC is an automatic choice.

What he is doing now, is making a case for #2 to #4 slot (Imrul, SN, Rakibul).

IF we had a chance at all, 1st day its experienced player like Tamim, Sakib and today experienced player like Rahim, SN screwed it (if anybody did at all). As senior players I have more expectation from them to play according to the team's need than young players whpo are trying their best to survive.
I blamed them for their screw up at the end of day 1. No point in repeating myself. And if Naeem's game-plan was based on his personal interest and not the team and game situation, then I am sorry that shouldn't be used as an excuse. That's just a player being selfish. He could have scored a quick 50 and take his score past 70 (highest of the inn) and give us a good total AND keep his spot of the next test.

I am just picturing him doing this in ODI. 100 of 20 overs and he is batting like the way did...
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