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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
And if Naeem's game-plan was based on his personal interest and not the team and game situation, then I am sorry that shouldn't be used as an excuse. That's just a player being selfish. He could have scored a quick 50 and take his score past 70 (highest of the inn) and give us a good total AND keep his spot of the next test.

I am just picturing him doing this in ODI. 100 of 20 overs and he is batting like the way did...
I guess we have to agree to disagree for TEST. if it was ODI, then yes I agree with you.

It would be nice if Naem could have scored a quick 50 as it will fit the team's current need. However in my opinion, in TEST team, we have much more bigger problems and culprits than Naeem's slow RR . For example:

1. Tamim and Sakib threw away their wicket at the point where they were set and could create bigger threat to WI.
2. Traditionally in TEST our wickets falls in bunches, and players like rakibul and Naeem helps us prevent that problem.
3. Traditionally most of our experienced players play shots in TEST like T20. 'The 'staying power' is one stenth that some of our super stars are still lacking in TEST team.
4. In this particular game, Rahim had the platform, he was about to start scoring runs, his wicket pretty much removed the opportunity to tominate with the bat today. Where Naeem stayed in one end, wicket fell routinely at the other end.

I know Naeem was playing too slow. and I don;t disgree that he was playing more for his stat than the team's need. But tell you what, if I were Naeem, I would have done the same thing to make sure my TEST careeer is extended. To me its acceptable based on his sitation, but its less accpetable if he does the same even when his slot is assured.
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