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Like I said, I am not letting Shak and Tamim off the hook. They did screw up. They threw their wickets away when they were set for a ton. I already talked about how if one of them had stayed there with Rahim, we'd have had 300+ runs at the end of day 1, easily. Naeem is guilty of playing negative/selfish cricket. Both party is guilty (I am blaming both, you guys are just blaming them). Clearly the plan was to score runs quickly and get 350 on the board. Naeem showed a class example of JS style cricket. Doing something completely ... "out of the box." And not in a good way.

"Slow players" aren't our saviors like how some of you make them out to be. They are just as bad as Aftabs, only on the opposite side of the scale. They dig holes by staying there. There is one thing to be slow. And whole another to play proper/safe cricket. I've no problems with players that play with SR below 100. Don't categorize me in that group(!) I enjoy watching players like Dravid, Amla, Trott, Clarke. But players like Imrul, Raqibul and Naeem (Pakistani captain) are not in that group. They just hog the crease with negativity.

if it was ODI, then yes I agree with you.
May be it wasn't an ODI, but that is what the satiation called for. We need a quick 100 runs, we just played in whites with a red ball.
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