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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
They are both crime, but this is Naeem's thread. So we are talking about Naeem. One crime doesn't erase another.
Unlike you or Simon I don't see Naeem's slow batting was a crime. I see he is bringing strength that we are lacking in our TEST team.

I mentioned Tamim and Sakib's out only when it was mentioned that Naeem's slow batting is preventing us a win here. whcih I don't agree. I cannot talk in vaccum. If someone thinks Naeem is the cause why we will miss the opportunity to win, other reasons will come up. and that's what happened here.

After wasting two days in rain and after scoring 255 in 90 overs in 1st day, after dropping catches in 4th day, we made this game hard to win. . And that has nothing to do with Naeem.

If Naemm would try something like Tamim's out, he would be double goat of the week by the same fans who are not happy with his RR.
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