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Sunny's bright start is a great story for many reasons. Here are some that I think are big.
1) It's a sign of our maturation as a cricketing nation. We are not throwing some 18-19 year old on the Test arena. Rather a seasoned professional. We need a balance of these pros and the precocious talents (like Nasir) for us to be successful.

2) It sends a great message to the mid, late 20s cricket players that their ship has not already sailed. That if they do the hard yards in domestic cricket, international glory is still possible. Old pros are the incubators of new talents and we need the likes of Nafis Iqbal, Tushar Imran, Faisal Hossain to play long in the domestic circuit. And if they do consistently well, they can bring their game to the Tests.

3) It somehow shows that despite ALL the odds stacked against our domestic cricket, the standard is ok enough to breed _some_ international class players. Let's not forget, Imrul Kayes is also a output of domestic cricket and not some academy.

4) Sunny's fearlessness in flighting the ball should shake Shakib out of his limited-overs overdose induced, Bhajji-esque, flatness. Recently Shakib has been firing the ball in too much and a little too full. Witness how Sunny was causing the batters to lunge forward while Shak they could defend just by getting a little forward. Shakib is a competitor and a good thinker of the game. He's going to be sleeping on his lack of wickets and the success of Sunny and tomorrow I'm optimistic that he'll be bowling slower and and with a bit more of an intent to attack rather than contain.
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