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Originally posted by Sham
I don't really understand this policy, since it seemed like Rajin was the chosen one for the captaincy of the national side, and now they are obviously looking at other options. Did Rajin captain the side really badly in England? I cant really remember!

As for Ashraful, I think he has got it right in terms of trying to lead by example. Its always a tricky one. Captaincy does wonders for certain players and completely destroys others. We'll have to wait and see which category Ashraful falls in. If he actually takes on the captaincy and it has a positive impact on his batting, ie he bats more sensibly and for longer, then that would be great! It might even happen. Maybe its something like the responsibility of leadership that will do it for Ashraful, who knows.
I think the idea of putting Ashraful to mature him up is a fantastic idea. I don't think the selectors are hoping to make him a future captain. Its just 2 or 3 games. No big deal.

Keep your eyes on Ashraful more than anyone else. This will tell a lot about who he will be in the long run.
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