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Originally Posted by Banglaguy
Story 7:
Another sleepless night. Seconds spent gazing at the heavens. Watching stars come to life and worlds being born. So futile. The land will eventually grow so far and wide that every blade of grass shall be separated by a mountain, every form of energy will be almost as lonely as the wanderer himself. There will be some men and women who will achieve victory over fate. Even stone can be shattered by the will of a strong man. All should endeavour to leave the world a better place than when they came into it, it is the duty of every man and woman. I, the Shepherd, the Wanderer, call me what you want, they’re just names. I charge you to be better than me, do me the honour and love of being a better person than me. If everyone had to be better than the person before them the human race will find no limit. Only then will I truly rest, in life and in peace.
Inspired by Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' ?
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