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I'm just very pissed off at the two senior players and the way they buried the team and Raim! WTH was that!? Specially Tamim who blew it in both innings. I won't blame Imrul, Rock and Nafees. They are incapable goats, and I expected nothing better from them. But why Shak and Tamim!? Why?

On a different note, Kirk Ed deserves the MOM more than anyone else. Over 200 runs. Almost got back-back tons. If Bravo had scored some runs in the 1st inn. then he would've won. Then Bisho, who totally mesmerized BD line up. So how can anyone here expect Shak to be the MOM over those 3? He only scored 2 fifties and a 5for. And the way he blew his 2nd innings took away a lot of points. He threw his wicket away like a woman. Therefore he is automatically out of the race for MAN of the match. If he scored a 100, he would've won, considering how nowadays they give away MOMs to the losing side players (which doesn't make sense. That's why it should be MVP instead of MOM. Stupid British and soccer ways)
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