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Originally Posted by shuziburo
For this, may I present Bruce Springsteen, the Boss (sorry Zunaid)? I have never heard his voice crack even when he is shouting from the top of his lungs!
Yes, he's amazing as well - but I have to agree with Turbo that as Mercury is of Indian origin, there is an intangible connection haha. Dancing in the Dark (and many others) are classics!

Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
Both of them are my all time favorite !! Dont want to go 'who's better' debate. There are other great singers whom i admire most e.g. david gilmour, Mark Knopfler, kurt cobain, Micheal (RHCP), Jim Morrison, Ronnie van zant (lynyrd skynyrd, black sabbath)...the list goes on. Each of them are unique and incomparable to others.
Who's he? Do you mean Anthony Kiedis? Kudos for liking Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. Amazing. I went to a Roger Waters concert back in 2008 and heard him and his band play Pink Floyd classics - jaw dropping. I really wish people nowadays knew Pink Floyd for more than just 'Wish you were here"

Originally Posted by shuziburo
There are too many favorites to name, but a couple that come to mind are: "Dancing in the Dark," "Hot Blooded," "You Got It," and "Walk of Life." I realize that not all would be liked by everyone. My spectrum is quite wide. I also like the Beatles, Bee Gees, Police, Carpenters, Billy Joel, Bread, Phil Collins, ABBA, Starship, etc.
I also like the Animals (House of the Rising Sun anyone? ).
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