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Originally Posted by স্পোর্টস করেসপন্ডেন্ট
বিসিবি কর্মকর্তাদের পাকিস্তান প্রীতি!
Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Are you freaking kidding me? Someone give this guy a meaningful job.
Double that are you freaking kidding me.

Who comes first depends on where you are and what sport you play. And I doubt there is even such an accepted convention in Bangladesh.

In fact, in the US of A, the home team is always the 2nd mention. So Pakistan vs Bangladesh would make sense to any American. They can, in a glance, tell that Pakistan is the touring team.

The convention started from the early days of baseball, when the visitors batted first and the visitors' name was listed first in the score-sheet. Also, reporters used 'at' as an alternate, viz Philadelphia at Dallas (Go Eagles! stomp them Cowboys).

Interestingly, most all team competitive sports in the US is in home-away basis - even and especially in schools.
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