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I realize that Nafees seems to be more comfortable against slower bowlers, so we can either try him out in the middle order, or say to hell with it and make him open with Tamim. Imrul won't last long in international cricket unless he a) improves his technique significantly or b) develops divine hand-eye coordination and reflexes. We are an opener short, so that might be an option.

As for the middle order, I want to see Mushfiq bat higher in ODIs. He has the technique and the ability to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking, which make him the ideal builder/stabilizer. He can hit once he has his eyes in too, so the more time he spends in the middle the more we benefit from it (as opposed to a Raqibul or an Imrul or even a Naeem in high-scoring ODIs).

If Mushy comes in at #4 and Shak at #5, we're left with #3 and #6 to fill as far as the real batting line-up is concerned. I hate seeing Nasir being wasted down the order like so many of his predecessors (Mushfiq included). He has the goods to be a fast-scoring #6. He could also potentially bat at #3 - I personally want to see someone who can score fast without slogging like a crazy bleepetty bleeper at this position. ODI's are high scoring these days and if we're going to win more games, the batsmen will have to show up and score as many runs as possible. I know a lot of people want #3 to glue his puny buttocks to the wicket, but we need to get things moving and someone who can score fast without letting out brain farts every other delivery will help us reach 300 more often. No JO or Rock type grafters.

Depending on where Nasir bats, we now have an opening at either #3 or #6. Not sure what to do here. Maybe Riyad can fill in, but he needs to improve his game massively, or sit out. Then of course, we have #7 to worry about and we'll have to wait and see if Reza is any good. Ideally, this spot will be taken by a medium fast bowling all rounder.

#8 should be occupied by a specialist spinner, so either Razzak or Sunny. Ideally, this guy will also be able to hit some massive blows with the bat when needed. The last three spots can be occupied by fast bowlers, which seem to be extremely hard to come by (well, good ones at least). Nazmul should play at home and so should Rubel. Shafiul is probably the only other option right now, but he needs to man up and stop straying it.
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