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Originally Posted by mufi_02
Talking about seasoned players, the ones worth considering are --

Tushar Imran
Aftab Ahmed
Rajin Saleh
Enam Jnr
Farhad Hossain

I know all these players were given chances. But these are the best seasoned players out there. Tushar Imran and Nazimuddin might be the best two bet. I say bring in 1 new blood from Asif, Anamul, Mominul and one from the old bunch e.g Tushar, Nazim.
I don't know. As I said, jei lau shei kodu. At least most of them. We could give Rajin/Nazimuddin a look and maybe even Farhad Hossain, but in the A team first. Not sure we need any more SLAs. Last and least, Tushar and Aftab are crap.
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