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Originally Posted by Rabz
A disastrous World Cup at home that included the infamous 58, 78 and conceding 375.
A 0-3 drubbing by the Aussies including Watson's world record thrashing and later conceding 361 runs.
A test humiliation to Zimbabwe and then losing the ODI series.
A series loss to WI, both test and ODI.
Another whitewash looming large against Pakistan.

^^ That's what our performance was this year.

Not sure what sort of award we would want to hand out to the players !!!
Its surely good to have the Awards back in BC, but I think we picked the wrong year for the comeback.
Only silver lining is Nasir. However, a status I liked yesterday, was that Shakib 7 times scored high and had most wickets (ODI) among the epics.
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