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Originally Posted by BD_2015
What do you mean by experience ? Most of the players in team are well experienced by age, tough match situations,amount of matches they played and playing against good bowling attack.Two or 3 years ago we all used to say and accept that our team is still young and not experienced playing in abroad or G8 but not anymore.

Experience means to learn from your previous mistakes and when you are in this situation not do it again but our players are doing same mistakes again and again.I doubt even Nasir will follow others.This may be because of bad influence from rest of the bolods or slowly accepting defeat as everyday reality other word defeated mindset.

I don't think it's lack of experience or ability to handle pressure that is behind our failures but players lack of ability to play well in international arena.One win in 10 matches or one good innings in 100 matches only expose our inability or near fluke innings and upset not real result.

Pakistan playing really good cricket eventhough they had ,have so many problems.It shows how much talented side they are.Obiously our players and we bdeshi aren't as talented as our's neighbours.Our only solution is : 1st to get rid of all this corrupt politicians from BCB and bring someone who has knowledge,passion,love,enthusiasm as much as many BC fans.2nd to improve domestic structure and develop real tigers.Then we might be able to see sun is shining behind thick clouds.
Originally Posted by Tiger444

This was great stuff. The blame goes to the top people and that is our board. If you have a bad board you're gonna have a bad team. That's just plain and simple. There is a reason why teams like Australia, South Africa, India and England are all top level teams. Say all you want about BCCI. They don't do many things other people like but they do what's good for their cricket. BCB? Well these guys like playing politics more then helping our cricket. As long as these bad eggs are there, our cricket will continue to be inconsistent. There are plenty of knowledgeable people in BD who could do a great job looking over our cricket. Once we get rid of the politicians and we get people that actually know what their doing, then we'll see improvements, but question is when will this happen and will it happen?

Completely agree with you two. Our poor FC structure is just a proof of that. No wonder the players don't show any respect to the management as they know how corrupt these people are. Have you guys watched the movie "Moneyball" ?? We need someone like Billy Beane for a miracle to take place in our cricket. One honest, dedicated and hard working person at the top will do the trick. But we know it very well that the good people are never going to get those positions because the bad and the ugly simply won't let that happen. As a result we wont ever come out of this vicious circle unless may be we fans go on a hunger strike
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