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Originally Posted by rifat @cri
Undoubtedly three most talented uncapped batsmen in Bangladesh. They may be the future backbone of our batting lineup. We have many hopes on them and our expectation is huge in BC. So here we can discuss about their latest performances in the domestic leagues , Academy , A team , BPL and their journey to the national team.

All the best to these three.We are counting on you

I am adding some more uncapped players who are doing well in recent past and can be the future like the top 3 as some of us has suggested

1. Sabbir Rahman
2.Tasamul Haque
3.Soumya Sarker
4.Alauddin Babu
5.Sohag Gazi
6.Kamrul Islam Rabbi
7.Nur Hossain Munna
8.Saker ahmed
9.Al Amin Hossain
10.Mahmudul Hasan

Watch out for these guys as well .
If I was a selector, my criteria to choose batsmen for ODI and Test would be as follows:

For ODI:
Minimum OD innings played: 20 innings (NCL, DPL, A tour, Academy tour etc.)
Batting Average (minimum): 35

For Test:
Minimum First Class innings played: 30 innings (any First Class matches)
Batting Average (minimum): 40

If any of the above guys meet the requirement, I wont mind dragging any of them into the national team. Otherwise, we are just adding inconsistant players in our roster.
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