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Originally Posted by WarWolf
I am afraid.

We always had some exciting talent. Our young players are always at the same level with other test playing countries. But when they reach the top level somehow they tend to fail.

A partial reason may be lack of good coaching and infrastructure. Another reason may be our typical Bangali mentality. They don't think about reaching the international standard. As long as they can keep their place in the national team they seem to be quite happy with it!!
Agree with you. virat kohli was a ok batsman and had many limitations in 2008 when he was the captain of u19 team. Now he is fluent against both pace and spin . He is getting better day by day. On the other hand sakib was much better batsman than Kohli in 2008 but carrying his same old weekness aginst quality offspin till now .
One has to work with his limitations even when he is in the national team. Our players seem to be happy just been there
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