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I am saying this for a while like a broken records. The selectors should recognize by now that this recycle business (of old reject) too soon is not working.... it didn't worked .... and it will not work unless we do the following:

1. When someone if dropped from the team of 14/15 due to performance issue, there should be some criteria (performance and waiting time) when they should bring them back. There should be some waiting period, and there should be some clear sign that he regained his form back for extended period of time.

2. When they bring a new player (or old player who regained form) in the final 14, that means they have confidence that that player gained his right to be in the team. In that case the selectors should be more patient with that player for couple of series before sacking him again.

3. When (more or less)the whole team is not performing . scapegoating the new player in the team is dead wrong.

4. We need substitute player now... for each position we should have an alternative.

5. There is no need for a permanent VC for our team. that will give us more flexibility.

Finally and more importantly,

5. Desperate time requires desperate steps. Selectors need to take more risk and bring more new blood in the team. When all establish players are struggling (Tamim, Rahim, Riyad, Sakib, Imrul) and when all recycle rejects are failing to take the opportunity (Ashraful Alok, SN), and on the other hand when most of the new players are getting some kind of success (Nasir, Nazimuddin, Sunny) the choice should be pretty straight forward.

Otherwise we are all screwed.... the team, the coach, the players, the selectors...the BCB, the fans... the entire Bangladesh cricket community will continued to be screwed.
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