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Seriously, we did have much worse than this... Pakistan did us a favor by not scoring 700 runs or alllowing a la Gillespie for Ajaiz Cheema!!!

Batting must be improved and eventually, we will do that. Nazimuddin batting and Elias Sunny's wicket taking proves that if the players play for the spots and play many first class matches before they come in, they will be a better player.

Unless we also improve our bowling and make it like how Ajmal was creating fear in the minds of batsmen,, we wont be winning test cricket. Period.Shevagh mentioned this year ago and we all know that it is true. We dont even have a Rafique anymore, imagine that!!! BCB must do more to improve the first class status and the bowling department and we all have said this many many times.. I have 2 very specific ideas to make it better:

1. Making it a bonus point for NCL to allow fast bowlers to bowl minimum of 1/3 of total overs bowled by a team.. This will encourage the teams to allow the pacers to bowl more overs than been taken away after only 4-5 overs as Mashrafee, Shahadat often mentioned..

2. Bringing in an expert fast bowling stategist to improve the pitch conditions, bowling plans and overall planning for the country. This can be either having an Pace Academy or having a new position under the CEO to make sure that a game plan is developed to create new, attactive fast bowlers who has the skills, technique and body to become international stars. You see Shafiul, Rasel, Mashrafee like weak physique player and you know that they wont sustain at highest level for too long unless they get the right care and nurture despite their talent and hard work. And only dedicated staff beyond the national team can take care of them.
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